cl_righthand 1 or 0?


cl_righthand 1 or 0?

Many people ask, should you use cl_righthand 1 or 0 to have the gun models show on the left hand side or the right?

Most just say its personal preference, which for the most part it is, but is there any way to decide one over the other? Actually, there is.

This really only applies to people who switch from left to right all the time (like I used to) and cant decide on which one to use, this guide will help you make that decision but at the end of the day personal preference is king, if you have played comfortably for years with one side, just stick to it!

So let’s get to it! It’s all to do with which eye is your dominant eye. The basics is this, dependent on which eye is your dominant eye, left or right, depends on which side your gun model will feel better for you.

If you are left eye dominant, it will feel better with your gun model on the left.
If you are right eye dominant, it will feel better with your gun model on the right.

So how do you find out which eye is dominant?

Refer to the following links to figure out which eye is dominant for you.

Left eye dominant
cl_righthand 0

Right eye dominant
cl_righthand 1
* You can also set cl_righthand to -1 to have all weapons on the left, but knife on the right. (1.6 only)

I originally created this guide stating the exact opposite, reason being as it would be logical for your dominant eye to have more viewing space with your gun not being in the way. However after speaking with various players it was all to do with what felt right, and it was purely the side which their dominant eye was on. Just like if you was to pick up a bow in real life, it would feel ‘right’ aiming down the sight with your dominant eye.

More info on the wikipedia article on eye dominance

  • fka
    #1 written by fka  4 years ago

    im right eyed so i should use gun model on the left…ill give it a try even though ive always played right handed. i tried it before and it really hurt my brain playing left handed, dunno why

  • vladi
    #2 written by vladi 2 years ago

    wow! never thought of this.. doh, ive been using lefthand in game all the time, turned out i did it for the right reason :D
    tnaks for the info Craig!

  • pudicus
    #3 written by pudicus  2 years ago

    Hello there, for the past few years have I been doing research of what the default and best CS1.6 resolution is and from my experiences have I come to an end that the best resolution for which CS1.6 was originally intented is 800x600px – this is just my theory, because most of players use this resolution and also the background image is 800×600. But some people thing different.

    Do you know what is the best suitable resolution for playing CS1.6? I know some people like huge resolution, others prefer small, if they do and are comfortable with it, they should stick to it, but what is the initial? Is it there even?

    Thank you for response.

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